A New Antidote For Health, Or Maybe an Overlooked One

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If you are someone who doesn't like to exercise, or you don't have enough time. This post is for you. Here are a few suggestions you can work into your lifestyle.

We live in a movement starved society. Quote from Pete Egoscue, founder of the The Egoscue Method for Postural Therapy.

When I began my journey is chronic pain reduction for myself, I never thought of movement could be the solution to my pain. I came from many years working in western medicine and addressed my painful neck, back and hips with rest and occasional non-steroidal over the counter drugs.

What if you are someone who doesn’t like to exercise, or you feel you don’t have enough time.

I am solution person, so here are a few suggestions you can work into your lifestyle. 

My husband and I purchased OuraRings back in November. They will help you with getting your circadian rhythms balanced with your body. This has been very helpful, and especially when you might be catching something, the ring lets you know there are changes that need to be looked at. We get up every morning and compare our sleep to

each other. The ring is very informative and will help you with improving your health and activity levels.

One thing I have learned personally and watched clients learn the same thing. Get started, even if it’s a small change. Unless you up and quit, my guess is you will increase your time and exercise once you get into a groove.

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