Developing Sore Muscles & Joints

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People begin developing sore muscles and joints without experiencing an injury, but overuse of muscles and joints in a repetitive movement.

Many people begin developing sore muscles and joints without experiencing a specific injury. This is a to as a non-impact issue. It begins by overuse of muscles and joints in a repetitive movement. Even sitting is considered a repetitive movement.

In my up coming book, I discuss a client who experienced a knee injury from sitting behind a desk all day.                     

When I decided to write about this topic, I looked around for some information leading to why we get sore joints and muscles, and what age does this begin.

I found an article that identified sore muscles and joints begin around 30 years of age. Most statements referred to as “Getting older”.

My first thought was what does that mean. We are getting older from the minute we take our first breath.

Becoming stiff and sore is looked upon as something to expect as you age. However, in my experience as a Postural Alignment Specialist, I could say this about young people less than 20 years old. Again, I refer to repetitive movement patterns, with addition of compensations due to the movement patterns which creates imbalances.

How to identify a repetitive movement. Look at your lifestyle. Do you sit a lot? Ever wonder how those hamstrings got so tight? Sitting! Maybe, you are a golfer, and your swing is always in the same direction? Maybe your profession has repetitive patterns, look at bartenders, food servers and checkers at the grocery store. Moving in the same patterns throughout the workday. This over time will create a muscular imbalance and pull the bones and joints around with the constant movements.

How to repair this. Postural Therapy looks at the root cause of your pain. With functional testing and gait analysis we can identify many of your imbalances which drive the sore muscles and joints and create chronic pain. Your customized program is designed according to your needs and the amount of time you are willing to spend each day working on the new and upgraded version of you.

What next: contact my office and schedule a free postural analysis and let’s sit down and discuss the results.

When you don’t move your joints and you keep them in a fixed position, it’s going to begin hurting. This is what happens when we don’t move enough. If you have personally experienced a frozen shoulder or know someone who has, it’s pain that sends them looking for some type of relief beyond over the counter medications.

What if you are like the person in the picture above? Can you get positive changes that will allow you more range of motion in your shoulder joint, while decreasing aching and pain, while improving your posture? The answer is yes.

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Have a happy and pain free day!

Author: Carolyn Vanzlow 

Postural Alignment Specialist

Advanced Exercise Therapist

702 354-8269

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