Highschool Football Injuries

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Although injuries in football can be hard to overcome, you can get your muscles more activated and functional through Postural Therapy.

High school football is a big deal in several states in the United States. I can remember how exciting it was to watch my classmates give it their “all” to win a game and be the best. In my high school the football team was worshiped, and we supported them any way possible.

About ten years ago, I ran into a former classmate who played on my high school football team. n our discussion, he mentioned how “how high school football injuries” have come to haunt his adult life and activities. Especially golf. He mentioned a lot of pain, surgery, and pain pills. His current situation has prevented him from playing golf due to all the low back pain. All due according to him, told high school football injuries. Five years ago, I worked with a young athlete who was a football player. He was worried because he had a lot of low back pain and couldn’t stand very long without hurting.

He went forward with Postural Therapy and within six months things had changed a lot for him, especially the back pain. He was able to connect his painful back to a previous issue that happened to him five years prior. This was a great clue to how he ended up with so much pain at a young age. It also explained why his spinal curve was decreasing and why he struggled to run. Both men had painful backs, however, athlete number two, took a different approach and overcame his issues with Postural Therapy.

What about athlete number one? Could Postural Therapy change his current situation and return him to the golf course without taking pain pills? My experience leads me to believe with time and patience he would golf again.

Which brings up my next point, mindset. In my humble opinion, I felt athlete number two had an open mindset, while athlete number one was plugged into “nothing can be done”. Years ago, I may have gone a long with his viewpoint, but not today. Especially since I have the same specific issue as athlete number one and over a 16-month period I was able to overcome something that normally you are told you need surgery or acceptyour circumstances. Today, I am pain free.

You could make the argument athlete number one was fifty years older than athlete number two, so therefore, you can’t compare them because of the large age difference. I am the same age as athlete number one, however, I never considered I was too old to change anything, I was interested in the result and willing to do the work, just like athlete number two. It still goes back to mindset and faith. I knew if I stayed focused on the process, the result, becoming pain free was going to happen, and it did.

Football is a contact sport. Charles Poliquin a world-famous strength coach described football as taking a few steps and getting into a fight. I think there is some truth to this. It is a tough sport and if we pursue healing modalities like Postural Therapy, we are placing protection into the mix, along with all the other training necessary to accomplish what it takes to become an excellent player and outlast all the rest at avoiding football injuries.

When you are involved in a sport, especially professionally, you must be proactive when it comes to preserving the function of your body. When your body reacts to the stimulus of a high contact sport, you need split second reflexes to respond to what is challenging you. Reaction time must be at its peak.

When you have pain and injury, your reaction time is focused on getting away from the pain. What Postural Therapy does is get to the “why” is the pain there, meaning the root cause. With the two previous athletes, you may be thinking the root cause was playing football. However, what if playing football was the stimulus to exacerbating the root cause?

The second athlete was committed to his program in Postural Therapy and his commitment paid off. He was able to overcome his hesitancy about his back, his muscles were more activated, and when he needed an extra boost of energy, he had it because he was functioning at peak performance.

If you think you need to improve performance and increase function, contact my office today for a complimentary Postural Assessment in person or on Zoom. I am in Las Vegas, but able to work with anyone who has a webcam.

Hope to see you soon, and let’s get down to the root cause of what is holding you back.

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