Hip Pain On One Side

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We have been working with many clients who have hip pain, there are a few common things that seem to invite the issue.

Hip pain seems to be a common complaint these days.

Working with many who have this there are a few things that seem to invite this issue.

Sitting for long hours, especially in the same position.

This could be sitting at your work desk, couch, riding in a car, cycling for long hours, and mostly anything that keeps you in a sitting position called hip flexion.

After a while, your pelvis begins to change, meaning it may start tilting in a posterior tilt, which is tucked under. This will begin to tighten your hip flexors which are major stabilizers, and they lift your leg up during your gait.  

When they tighten up too much, you will start getting low back pain, especially upon standing up. You will also notice your hamstrings begin to tighten also.

What is really happening here?

You are changing the position of your pelvis which is your base of support. This can feel like low back pain.
If your hips are not properly aligned and overly tight you could start having knee and ankle issues.

We have all heard at least one person say I blew out my knee doing....

This is due to tight hips and you begin using your knee as a rotational joint, like a trailer hitch would appear. That trailer hitch is your hip joint. Your knee is a hinge joint, and not designed for rotation. This is how it all starts.

The ankle is a hinge joint and the heel is a saddle joint.

Both the knee and ankle will be negatively affected when hips are too tight.

Don't let this sound too scary, because it can change. Using Postural Therapy  and exercises begins reminding your body of where it used to be. This will begin to lessen pain, increase range of motion, balance and function.
As we age, we begin to feel and notice some of the long-term damage accumulated over the years.

When you become more functional it's very empowering knowing you are stronger with less pain and able to do activities you did in the past.

I started this work when I was 50 years old and haven't looked back since.

I have helped clients return to activities they love and start new ones they never thought possible.

Don't let that hip(s) stay tight and painful too long. Find solutions you can work into your lifestyle and start today.

It's very exciting and empowering trusting your body and knowing you are stronger.

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Start out your springtime season with better health and function, you earned it and deserve it!

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