Is Your Accountability Needing a Tune Up?

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I notice that most people tend to be more accountable to someone else like a friend, boss, or spouse. But, when it comes to our self-care, we tend to put ourselves last. This article guides us through how to tune-up our accountability.



One of the toughest things I see us humans struggle with is self-accountability. I notice that most people tend to be more accountable to someone else like a friend, boss, or spouse.  But, when it comes to our self-care, we tend to put ourselves last.


What does that look like long term? Well, we feel bad about ourselves, discouraged, and maybe feel disappointment. Today, we are busy busy and many times overloading our schedules to the point where we need another person to fulfill all our commitments.


The other side of the coin we don’t have enough to do and tend to slow down and get lazy or lose interest. There are many books available to help us set up a simple plan for success. Your only real challenge is doing the work.


When starting some form of self-accountability, I am a big believer in starting very slow and low. In 1992 I was topping out at my highest weight and would no longer weigh myself and I would not look at myself below my waistline in the mirror. I realized I didn’t know where or how to start changing my lifestyle to support a healthy body with low body fat.


Prior to this aha” moment, I tried every diet known to man and still managed to end up gaining more weight with no stopping in sight. At that moment realized my only hope was NOT to diet and I needed to change my lifestyle. When it came to movement, such as exercise I decided to start on a treadmill, I had in my bedroom that had served me well as a clothes hanger for several years.


I learned that all I could do was five minutes per day at 2.5 miles per hour. I knew I was starting slow and low, but I knew I could do the five minutes daily and decided not to worry about doing more. That was many years ago, and today my situation is a product of staying accountable to myself and it paid off.


Where I am going with this is simple; set your sights or goals within a program that you can do. What I mean by this is, I knew I would do the five minutes daily and decided to be happy with this for now. Eventually, this led to becoming a competitive athlete and a much smaller waist size.


I finally got it figured out and realized I had to take care of me before I could take care of anyone else. I still use this formula today whenever I start something new that is going to require additional accountability. I stay in the process, and don’t worry how long it will take.


It’s the same with changing posture. Over time, poor posture produces painful muscles and joints. It requires making time for yourself and commitment. Over time, your body changes and one day you wake up and find things have changed a lot.


Call now for a free postural assessment. You can contact me at my website here. I hope this article gets you thinking and motivated. Change takes consistency and works best with a smile.



Have a happy week!


Carolyn Vanzlow

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