Is Your Performance Off Because of Tennis Elbow?

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Training for a sport, especially bench pressing attracts conditions like tennis elbow. What is it and how can we heal it?


Training for a sport, especially bench pressing attracts conditions like tennis elbow. Most people wear a tennis elbow brace that prevents the elbow joint from rotating and keeping the nerve from additional pain.

What causes tennis elbow and what heals tennis elbow?

It was thought the extensor tendon was inflamed, however a study done in 2008 by Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research showed microtears in the tendon is likely the cause. Damage occurs over time with frequent use of the extensor muscles combined with a forceful hand grip. Sound like a bench press, or tennis racket? Most people that report this condition have daily or frequent activities that require repetitive wrist movements and gripping.

If you have tennis elbow, you are probably wondering how to fix tennis elbow.

There are many approaches to treat this condition; heat, cold, ultra-sound, cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications, electrical stimulation, massage, stretching and strengthening. If none of this brings a decrease in pain, tennis elbow surgerymay be suggested. These therapies treat the symptoms. Postural Therapy has an additional viewpoint which helps you solve this painful issue. We investigate the root cause of your pain, not treat the symptoms.

Here is an explanation how this all works.

The elbow is a hinge joint. If moves in two degrees of freedom, flexion, and extension. Meaning flexion bends at the elbow and your fore arm towards the upper arm, known as the humorous. Extension straightens out your elbow and forearm and upper arm are straight. Another insight is your upper body posture. You may have forward head posture with shoulders rounding forward. The shoulder blades tend to move less, which means the shoulder joint is going to be restricted.

Your shoulder is a ball and socket joint. It looks like a trailer hitch and the shoulder can rotate around. However, if your shoulder joint is restricted and not able to rotate around, something else is going todo the work, your elbow. Make sense now, overly tight shoulder joints and elbows trying to take up the rotation which now begins the painful issues with tennis elbow. Therefore, you can move with less pain when you use a tennis elbow brace, which restricts the elbow from movement and now you can bench press, play tennis or move around without the painful elbow. Make sense?

Postural therapy addresses the restrictions that increase or cause tennis elbow by working to regain the true anatomical positions and range of motion for the shoulder joint. Once your shoulder is moving properly, your tennis elbow pain will decrease. In the following video, I am going to show you some exercises and movements to start working on decreasing tennis elbow and increasing your performance in sports, the gym and or both.

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