Moving More This Summer

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When you move more, I guarantee you will feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This will keep you focused and pain free.

Getting Ready For Your Summer Body

Moving More and Hurting Less

If you are carrying extra weight, you may be experiencing joint pain. Maybe your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck and mid to low back.

If you are currently experiencing pain, there is probably a postural imbalance creating dysfunction and compensations. Translation; pain.

Before I learned about Postural Therapy and what it could do for my life, I was working out with a group instructor. The instructor was considered to be excellent and among the best in my area.

Three visits and I was in the doctors office with very intense pain from my neck to my hips. I was utterly miserable and had difficulty in any position except flat on my back in bed.

I could no longer exercise because I would end up in tremendous pain and hurting far worse than before. I am not recommending omit exercising or moving. What I am recommending is exercise based on your structural needs, posture, function and activity level. Whether it is working out, golf, tennis, hiking, cycling, running, strength training, cross fit, swimming or taking a walk.

Postural Therapy helps to balance your loading joints and muscles. It's more than standing up straight. I see many who work really hard in the gym, however due to muscular imbalances that create poor posture, I see them making their pain situations worse. Postural Therapy will help you feel better, less muscle tension, stronger and those exercises that once caused you pain, just don't seem to hurt you any longer.

When you move more, I guarantee you will feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This will keep you focused on your goal while enjoying the pleasure of moving pain free. At the bottom of this article is a video of one of my Zoom classes. Try it out and let me know how you did? I love feedback. If you want to explore this further, contact me and let's set up an assessment and see what we can do to help you move more and get to your health goal and fitness goals.

Kind regards, Carolyn Vanzlow

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Postural Therapy Class Video

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