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I had a history of herniated discs, whiplash, and more. I could not go one more day in this amount of back pain, neck pain, hip pain and shoulder pain.

As a Postural therapist certified by Egoscue Institute, my journey started by realizing I could not go one more day in this amount of back pain, neck pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. I had a history of herniated discs, whiplash, narrowing of the spinal canal and fracture of the thoracic spine. At 49 I hit the wall and decided if I could not find another venue, I would have to follow the western medical paradigm. With a very intended mindset, I decided to look outside of the box for some other type of therapy. I had tried many modalities prior to this, however nothing would “stick” and within hours all the pain returned.

I eventually found my way to the CHEK Institute where I learned about posture and exercise prescription.I learned a lot about how to care for myself and others. In 2007 after smashing my right foot and wearing a medical walking boot for 6 weeks, I ended up snapping my left hamstring. Now, more problems. The medical walking boot  is used to immobilize the injured area, often toes, feet or ankles. What happens is it offsets the entire kinetic chain. Our bodies have 8 loading joints, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. The boot has a thick sole which adds height to one side of the body. Now you have a built- in leg discrepancy, offsetting the iliac crests and now creating dysfunction in the lumber spine. Think of the discs in your spine as a smore. Just as squeezing the smore causes the filling to go out the opposite side, same thing happens to the lumber discs. This causes pressure from being offset and can lead to a bulging or herniated disc. Many clients notice they begin having low back pain and never really putting it together how it happened.

By changing the position of the bones, the muscles follow; thus, causing additional problems. There is a solution to all of this. As a Postural Therapist I can put a program together on my ePete software while you are still in the boot. By implementing your daily Postural menu, you can work on keeping the rest of your body feeling intact and avoiding additional issues after the boot is long gone.

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