Western Medicine Is Not a Cure All

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Westernized medicine is not a cure all. In fact, it's far from it. There are other options to lead a pain-free life. We're here to show you them.

The USA ranks 37th in healthcare in the World. We pay twice as much per family member as most countries. What do we have to show for it? Last year, Stanford did a full blown study on Postural Therapy and determined that the patients lowered their pain by 41% in 3 months with no drugs or surgery. There is a proven system that will help you become more functional,  flexible, balanced, and stronger - what's the catch? Why don't we use it? Well, it's not as profitable.

That's not our focus, so we promote and practice Postural Therapy in order to relieve your pains. Are you limited in your activities? Golfing, walking,  running, lifting grand children, going to the gym? Postural therapy is known to drop pain levels by 50% or more with three simple exercises and stretches daily. It does this by targeting your posture. The prevention of injuries relies on the alignment of your posture. With poor postural alignment of the hips, the lower extremity is more susceptible to painful mechanical load and stress injuries. Once this is corrected the results are unbelievable. A postural assessment is your first step in the direction to recovery (and you first step away from surgery and pills). Why not make an appointment and let us show you what this method can do to help you.

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