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Postural Therapy

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who Is Carolyn?

Carolyn Vanzlow is a Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) and Certified Advanced Exercise Therapist (AET). Carolyn is a leading expert in postural therapy, a World Record Holding Power-lifter, and world renowned practitioner of the drug and surgery free medical arena.

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A Healthy Body

Having control of how you move, and feel can change your life for good! You will feel and look better and moving will no longer be an effort. Shortly after you begin the process of healing you will begin to experience moving easier and without restriction. 

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Postural Therapy

$ 19.99 usd
Receive access to all recommendations, exercises, stretches, & more regarding healing from head to toe through proven postural therapy.
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At Home Postural
Therapy (Live)

$ 79.00 usd
Live therapy is twice a week (Monday & Thursday Morning). We will cover most common postural imbalances and ways to heal from the imbalances.
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At Home Therapy
And Library

$ 79.00 usd
Live therapy with a complementary library for optimized learning. We will set core foundation to improve your posture, joints, and muscles.
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$ 175.00 usd
Personalized plans that are provided to address your specific imbalances. We start with root causes and develop a plan of action.
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the pains that are
relieved through postural therapy

Back Pain

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Hip Pain

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Knee & Ankle Pain

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Shoulder, Elbow, & Wrist Pain

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Jaw Pain

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Phone: 702-354-8269
Location: 9505 Hillwood Drive Suite 100

Customer Reviews

SE - Las Vegas

Three years ago I hurt my back. It turned out I had 2 disc herniations, nerve impingement  and a condition called Spondyloletheisis. I am in construction and my job is very physical. Carolyn Vanzlow  put together a program for me I did twice daily. It took me about 20 minutes each time. I never did light duty, and continued working every day. She worked with Dr. LeFever a NUCCA chiropractor and I was able to avoid surgery, pain pills and was able to stay very comfortable while healing. Two years later I tore a meniscus in my right knee. Carolyn gave me a program and I was able to work and my knee pain was better almost immediately. Last week I thought I hurt my shoulder while lifting and carrying a large pipe at work. Carolyn gave me a program and I am much better almost immediately. I recommend Carolyn Vanzlow to all my friends if they want to stay healthy and pain free.

AH - Las Vegas

Absolutely terrific - Carolyn has helped me heal my injuries with postural therapy and I can't rank her highly enough. If you want to heal an injury or prevent from getting an injury - call her.

JR - Las Vegas

The initial visit was extremely comprehensive. I found clarity as to why I might be experiencing knee pain. I also have been doing my daily exercises for about 1 week and am starting to notice a change in how I feel. Highlh recommend!!

AH - Las Vegas

Thank you for these Zoom classes and all that you do! They have saved me this year!

EM - Los Angeles, CA

Look at the big toe on my right foot and see the much better alignment!! Result from Postural Exercising with you, for less than a year. Amazing.

My right knee, which showed a lateraly subluxed patella on an X-ray last year is also benefitting from the exercises I do from your program.

I'm pretty sure that the patella is more in place, as could be proven by a new X-ray. Thanks to you!

BK - Las Vegas, NV

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your dedication to each person you work with - especially me! I would probably not be walking today if it wasn't for your expertise and guidance. You have been SO helpful to me MANY times over the years, and I truly appreciate YOU.