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Customer Reviews

SE - Las Vegas

Three years ago I hurt my back. It turned out I had 2 disc herniations, nerve impingement  and a condition called Spondyloletheisis. I am in construction and my job is very physical. Carolyn Vanzlow  put together a program for me I did twice daily. It took me about 20 minutes each time. I never did light duty, and continued working every day. She worked with Dr. LeFever a NUCCA chiropractor and I was able to avoid surgery, pain pills and was able to stay very comfortable while healing. Two years later I tore a meniscus in my right knee. Carolyn gave me a program and I was able to work and my knee pain was better almost immediately. Last week I thought I hurt my shoulder while lifting and carrying a large pipe at work. Carolyn gave me a program and I am much better almost immediately. I recommend Carolyn Vanzlow to all my friends if they want to stay healthy and pain free.

AH - Las Vegas

Absolutely terrific - Carolyn has helped me heal my injuries with postural therapy and I can't rank her highly enough. If you want to heal an injury or prevent from getting an injury - call her.

JR - Las Vegas

The initial visit was extremely comprehensive. I found clarity as to why I might be experiencing knee pain. I also have been doing my daily exercises for about 1 week and am starting to notice a change in how I feel. Highlh recommend!!

AH - Las Vegas

Thank you for these Zoom classes and all that you do! They have saved me this year!

EM - Los Angeles, CA

Look at the big toe on my right foot and see the much better alignment!! Result from Postural Exercising with you, for less than a year. Amazing.

My right knee, which showed a lateraly subluxed patella on an X-ray last year is also benefitting from the exercises I do from your program.

I'm pretty sure that the patella is more in place, as could be proven by a new X-ray. Thanks to you!

BK - Las Vegas, NV

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your dedication to each person you work with - especially me! I would probably not be walking today if it wasn't for your expertise and guidance. You have been SO helpful to me MANY times over the years, and I truly appreciate YOU.